About Us

Everyday Data is a Puerto Rican company that offers services and specialized technical support to facilitate the integration and effective administration of information and telecommunication systems in work, education and recreation. We are dedicated to the installation and maintenance of technological products in businesses, educational institutions and government agencies throughout the island and Vieques. Since 2004, we have served the community in the field of information systems and technologies, in particular networks and telecommunications. In the beginning, the company was directed to provide Internet service with wireless access in the south of Puerto Rico. Today, Everyday Data has expanded around the island by implementing fiber optic projects for the integration of data and voice services.

Our commitment is to offer an optimal service with high quality equipment. Our team is composed of specialists in Computer Science, Networks, Telecommunications, Information Systems Management, Psychologists and Educators. We have Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) and CompTIA Certified and CompTIA Security + Certified technicians. We are partners of Microsoft Corporation, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, among others. We sell and offer technical support to your products and solutions.


To become a company that diversifies its products in a profitable and accessible way for the Puerto Rican context integrating the management of adapting to change for the administration of new information and communication technologies.


Provide services and specialized technical support in the design, installation and maintenance of networks, servers, Internet access, voice services and technological solutions that facilitate the successful integration of information and communication systems in the workplace, education and recreation.