We collaborate with educational institutions to achieve the successful integration of telecommunications services, network infrastructure, educational technology and technology curriculum. We are members of the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE). We have professionals who provide consultancy for the development and implementation of a technology plan in the context of the strategies, skills and educational goals of the 21st century.

We developed the Think Before Posting project to raise awareness about the safe, respectful and responsible use of the Internet and social networks.


Since 2007, we have participated as service providers of the Universal Services Support for Schools and Libraries, better known as E-rate. This program provides discounts to obtain services from:

  • Internet
  • Voice
  • Internal connections

ISI-E is a comprehensive program for students, parents, teachers and administrators of schools and libraries. Its main objective is to promote the development of concepts, skills and attitudes for responsible use and effective application of information and communication systems in the teaching-learning process at administrative and academic levels. Its main application is the web application isiNET: Integrated Scholar Information Network Web Application.